One of the reasons we struggle with reaching our optimal state of health and fitness is pain, whether it's on-going or from specific injuries.  Baypala personal training helps find solutions to pain through focused personal training using the following techniques: 


  • Postural analysis to see how the body has developed and where muscular imbalances that cause pain may have developed
  • Becoming aware of daily bad habits that have contributed to imbalance and pain
  • Changing workout patterns to address overuse of specific muscles which often results from doing the same workout over long periods of time.  This can create imbalance in the body
  • Exercising in a way that acknowledges imbalance in muscles and brings the body into balance
  • "Exercising" in daily life, while walking carrying our bags, working on the computer, talking on the phone and even while you sleeping
  • Recovering from injury through confidence in our bodies, awareness of how we move, our ability to heal, and not being held back by fear of movement
  • Understanding the role of stress and hardship on the body
  • Maintaining confidence and dedication in our body's ability to be strong and healthy as we grow older, even if we have a number of aches and pains now
  • Address the root causes that make you susceptable to injuries
  • Write your own prescription that works for your mind and body


Baypala personal training can be on the team with you and your other care givers to help you achieve and maintain a body that works optimally and feels good every day.                                                                                           

This information is general and not a replacement for medical advice.  Baypala Fitness recommends consulting your physician before starting any kind of exercise program.