Baypala's mantra is Strong Mind - Strong Body. In order to put this into practice, we developed a unique three-pronged approach to personal training, ABC - Awareness, Balance, and Consistency.    

  • Mind/body awareness is central to achieving personal transformation. With Baypala the client is getting an approach that recognizes that our obstacles to personal change have to be holistically addressed. Success is not about hitting the gym harder, without thought. Careful analysis of how we think while we walk, work, and exercise is essential to understanding the postural imbalances that make work-outs painful and/or ineffective.
  • Improving balance is essential for personal fitness but at Baypala Fitness, balance means a whole lot more.  A fitness regime that includes internal and external wellness starts by balancing our lives to incorporate exercise as a regular part of our week and healthy eating as a way of life.  With Baypala personal training, efforts to shift into a more healthy lifestyle are considered a central element to personal training.
  • Consistency is a key component in achieving health and wellness.  We advise doing even a 15-20 minute routine on busy days to maintain progress.  Baypala strives to support clients in maintaining results through consistent workouts.  We are flexible and understand that to achieve consistency, we must meet the client where they're at.  Clients train in variety of locations convenient to them. Clients are met in their home gyms, or in their apartments where they get a full body workout with cutting edge, space saving techniques.  Baypala has worked with nursing moms to incorporate a new infant into a living room exercise routine, as well as executives in their offices to squeeze a workout into a busy work day.