"When I started working with Clint, because of injuries, I had not worked out in over a year.  Clint assessed my condition and designed a comprehensive work-out regime.  Now, I am exercising six days a week with cardio and muscle- building routines.  I am back in shape and getting stronger in a balanced and effective manner.  In many ways, Clint has save my life"

Doug Lasdon

Executive Director,

Urban Justice Center, Manhattan


"I have consistently worked with Clint Palabay for well over eight years. Our goal was to avoid a titanium disc implant between my L4 and L5. Clint never gave up on me and through mutual hard work and  encouragement I have been able to strengthen my lower back and avoid the surgery. Clint's work outs are never predictable as he is constantly searching for innovative ways to train, be it kick boxing- weight training- aerobics- or now with elastics... Clint is a thoughtful trainer and my friend."

 Helena, Manhattan


"I am a 58 year old male who has exercised regularly for last 25 years but the Baypala trainers have helped me reach a level of fitness I didn't think was possible. They have worked me through nagging injuries (runners knee, lower back, both shoulders) and they have greatly increased my endurance, balance and strength.  As a result, I am in the best shape of my life.

Weight training, plyo-metrics, tension bands, TRX, Bosu training, and martial arts are just some of the methods they use to keep my body guessing and flexible. Baypala's mantras: 'Awareness, Balance, and Consistency' and 'Strong Mind / Strong Body' keep me focused and competitive.

We are lucky to have a Baypala Fitness managed gym at our condo, it is an immaculate and well-run facility, the equipment is kept in top shape and trainers are available to offer exercise and nutritional advice. There is no doubt that it adds great value to our building."

 Steve Zaffarano
 New York, NY


"After a 2-year hiatus from regularly working out, I began training with Baypala Fitness in an effort to bring balance to my life, increase my stamina and get back to a regular fitness routine. While my expectation was to receive fitness training, Clint's holistic approach offered much more than previous personal trainers. He raised my awareness to a more healthy way of eating and consistently provided feedback on ways to improve my eating and exercise routine. I was extremely pleased to feel less stress and more energy after beginning my personal training with Baypala." 

 Lisa, Manhattan


"Clint was an excellent trainer.  He showed me routines, motions, sets, and other forms of working out that I never would have discovered on my own.  Definitely very focused and professional; and excellent trainer and body builder."

 Mike, Manhattan


"I started training with Clint in 2002. I have a very busy professional life in addition to being the mother of two. Sometimes before a workout, I am really tired or in a bad mood and absent-minded - Clint quietly takes the cue and without saying a word just gets me to focus on the workout such that by the end of the session, my body, my mind, and my spirit are completely free of the chaos and burden they came with. In fact I am always energized and in a great mood after a session and ready to take on the rest of my day. Most importantly, I feel so much stronger physically. I no longer have the chronic back pains and my body has noticeably changed shape. The training sessions are always rigorous but fun because Clint combines weight lifting with bands and cardio and we rarely do the same routine twice. He is very concerned with proper form and keeps me aware of it all the time. When I am pressed for time, we do circuit training where I feel my body pushed to its limit but I feel great for squeezing a one hour workout into an intense 30 minutes. I was so impressed with Clint's techniques that as soon as my son reached the age where he could train in a gym, my husband and I immediately hired Clint to train him as well. Clint's holistic training has truly been a gift to my entire family."

 Sam Q, Manhattan


"I live downtown at 88 Greenwich Street.  My wife and I bought our apartment a few years back our decision was in part made knowing that there was a fantastic gym right downstairs in the basement of the building.  What I didn't know at the time was that the gym was designed Baypala fitness, led by owner and fitness trainer, Clint Palabay.  

When I first started to use the gym I assumed that my many years of working out meant that I didn't need a trainer.  However, as I hit 40, I realized that my body didn't respond to the same workouts I was doing, primarily involving free weights.  I wanted to lose weight to look and more importantly feel better.  So, after a 2 years of doing it on my own, I enlisted Baypala's trainers to help and the results have been amazing.  After 6 months, I've lost 25 pounds and greatly improved my body's shape and composition.  The workouts that Clint and Steve design work perfectly in the context of the gym Baypala Fitness created for the building.  We use a combination of bands, weights and body weight exercises that make each hour session feel like they are done in half the time.  During our sessions, the trainers pay close attention to my heart rate and calories burned, dialing in a totally effective work out for me each time we train.

As to the gym, Baypala Fitness has designed a functionality that makes the absolute best use of the space provided by the building and the more I learn about my work outs, the more I realize that each piece of equipment was very thoughtfully procured to provide the residents the tools they need to achieve their maximum fitness potential.

Since I began training with Clint and Steve, not only has my body changed, but my outlook has improved as well.  I have more energy than I did when I was in my 20's and my attitude at work and at home is generally more even and balanced - truly integrated with Clint's mantra of strong mind, strong body.  The only downside I can think of is the fact that I've got to my suits taken in about 4 inches!

 Thank you Clint!!"

 David Kolker
 88 Greenwich Street, Manhattan