Baypala strives for results in personal training.  Results depend on consistency and expertise.  In order to meet the needs of our clients, services at Baypala fitness take place in your Manhattan home gym or office, or if you prefer, in participating fitness centers. Baypala uses a variety of techniques to ensure that workouts are effective, individually tailored, and engaging. Baypala is holistically oriented and incorporate nutrition, bodywork, and daily movement analysis into personal training. Baypala has an excellent track record of working with individuals who have special considerations such as pregnancy, post-natal, back problems, and other physical ailments.

Fitness is an essential element of real estate in New York City.  Residents look for and expect high quality fitness services in their homes and offices.  Baypala offers specialized fitness, sales, and design services utilizing an innovative three-pronged approach to integrating fitness into the home or office. Past projects range from a family home gym in the Hamptons to a 465 unit luxury apartment building in Manhattan.